I was so disheartened about cooking for my family until I discovered your spices and cooking classes.
Maria has such a broad knowledge and her teaching helped to make sense of all aspects of cooking,
not just curry.

Since attending her Korma cuisine class a couple of weeks ago I have cooked curry and rice for EVERY meal, lunch and dinner for my husband and I. He is of Singaporian-Indian origin and not easily impressed but he keeps coming back for seconds! Have you 'spiced up' our marriage? Ha ha thanks Maria and Allen.

So I'm booked into the Tandoori class. Looking forward to another full morning of cutting, kneading, stirring, and of course enjoying the meal with a vino and lovely company out the back afterward.


Your spice mixes are amazing! I never thought that I would be able to cook Indian as good as the restaurants. I have tried the pastes and jars from the supermarket but they lack flavour and are full of preservatives.
Now that I have tried them, I will always make sure I have your curry blends in the pantry.

Dear Maria,
We would like to congratulate you on your cooking classes, your knowledge and explanation  of the herbs and spices and how we use them in the different curries was unbelievable, you made it so easy to understand the use and why each one is used in each curry we cooked, We were lucky enough to have the Parsee meat and fish class, since the lesson we have cooked  a lot of  the recipes,  next weekend we are going to cook the Gosht Nu Dhansak. Your knowledge has helped us understand the beautiful tastes we can achieve when cooking these wonderful meals for our family and friends.
Our son and his wife after Sharing these curries with us are coming to the next class  which will be very soon. Again let us thank you for your patience and guidance.
Charles & Mandy

Just wanted to say I bought your Butter Chicken (large) jar at the Food and Wine Show Brisbane and last night made our first meal out of it. It was absolutely fantastic. Great Authentic taste and as good as any I have eaten in any restaurant and can't wait to make it agian. We have yet to try the Chicken Korma we bought but it won't be long!!
Just thought you would like some feedback. I will certainly be passing on your details to all my friends.
Great to see a great Aussie product thats made locally!
Alison & Glyn 

To the Staff at Mudgeeraba Spices
I am one of the group who visited you on Friday 26.06.09. I want to make you my compliments. The presentation by Marissa was excellent. She knew what she was talking about and explained everything in a very pleasant manner. The meal, so well prepared with love and all sorts of nice ingredients was delicious.
We all had a lovely time and will certainly 'broadcast' this event.
I wish you many more groups to visit you in the mill.
O & R Moolinsehor 

If anyone thought that cooking Madras lamb was the same taste as Madras chicken or Madras fish then think again and enroll in this class (Madras Curries).
It provides a practical understanding of the importance of regional cooking and how to theme your next Indian dinner.
We will return for another class without a doubt.
Greg & Gill

I have been using Mudgeeraba Spices for years and would recommend them to anyone.
The flavours are so authentic. I would not buy any other brand - ever. I recently bought Parsee Lamb & Cashew Nut Korma Blend at Floriade in Canberra and it is to die for.
S. Ayton

...I don't have the most amazing dish that I can share as they all taste amazing.  What I can say though is that I have been purchasing your products for over 7 years and it has been such a wonderful thing to see your business grow and continue to provide fantastic customer service.

What started out as a very basic website now offers so many different products and services.  Well done.


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