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retail range from Mudgeeraba Spices
Mudgeeraba Spices Pickles
South Indian Tomato Pickle (Med) 330g
Goan Brinjal Kassaundi (Hot) 320g
Tamil Lime Pickle (Hot) 315g
Retail Pickles 2013
Mudgeeraba Spices Chutneys  
Indian Date and Almond Chutney (Mild) 380g
Traditional Queensland Mango Chutney (Mild) 350g
Punjabi Mango and Date Chutney (Mild) 360g
Mudgeeraba Spices Curry Pastes  310g
Agra Curry Paste (Med) 310g
Madras Curry Paste (Med) 310g
Butter Chicken Curry Paste (Mild) 310g
South Indian Korma Paste(Mild-Med)310g
South Indian Curry Paste (Mild) 310g
Chicken Tikka Masala Paste (Med) 310g
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