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Premade authentic Indian curry masalas, pickles, chutneys and curry pastes.

Since 1993, Mudgeeraba Spices has crafted a range of authentic Indian curry masalas, pickles, chutneys and pastes at our premises, The Windmill, in Mudgeeraba – a Gold Coast Hinterland hideaway. Our premium quality products are made from the freshest fruits and vegetables, with no added preservatives or fillers and using old fashioned preservation techniques to ensure a high quality finished product with fresh traditional flavours.

Mudgeeraba Spices bases its collection upon a broad range of recipes from many Indian and Asian regions – check out our exciting range.

What’s your flavour?


What’s your flavour?

Curry Masala

What’s your flavour?


What’s your flavour?

Sambals & Soups

Learn how to create your own Indian curry at home

Can’t find your curry masala recipe? Each curry masala has a pdf link when you visit our Online Shop. Find the product and in the description is your recipe ready to download.