Curry in the Kitchen


Wondering how else to use curry powder in your kitchen?

Curry powder is a staple around here and used many times each week, not only for great flavour addition but also those delicious spices are good for you.   Simply add a little to your soup or sprinkle over your roasted potatoes, just these little tweaks here and there can truly enhance your meals.

“When the right spices are blended together something magic happens as they become one”


Our top suggestions:

South Indian Vegetable Curry Masala – Mild with heaps of flavour

Lamb and Cashew Korma Masala – Mild and delicate

Madras Chicken Curry Masala – Medium and a bit more robust

Bombaywalla Curry Masala – Hot and a little sweet



Check out our recipes where you’ll find most of these ideas and directions to make them.

Here’s some inspiration to get you started:

  • Curry roasted chicken
  • Curried beef stew
  • Pineapple and prawn fried rice
  • Chicken curry lasagna
  • Curry pumpkin soup
  • Curried eggs
  • Curry
  • Samosas
  • Curry roasted cauliflower
  • Zucchini boats
  • Curry pumpkin risotto
  • Meatballs in curry sauce
  • Curried sausages
  • Roasted curry chickpeas
  • Curry Salmon dip
  • Chicken curry tacos
  • Bacon and egg tarts
  • Curry rubbed chops
  • Stuffed curried capsicums